Integrating OTPLESS One Tap Sign-In with Angular A Seamless User Experience


Harness the power of OTPLESS with your Angular applications to streamline user authentication. This SDK is designed to integrate seamlessly with Angular, offering both pre-built components and headless functionality for custom UI implementations.

Pre-Built UI

Leverage our Pre-Built UI for rapid integration and customization of authentication flows in your application. This setup allows you to adjust appearance and functionality through the OTPLESS dashboard with minimal coding.

Step 1: Load the OTPLESS JS

To integrate the OTPLESS Sign-in into your website, insert the following script into the head section of your HTML code:


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Note:- Replace YOUR_APP_ID with your actual App ID provided in your OTPLESS dashboard.

Step 2: Create the OTPLESS Login UI

Insert the following div in your login or sign-up page where you want the OTPLESS login UI to appear:

<-- OTPLESS Login UI -->
<div id="otpless-login-page"></div>

Ensure your site is served over HTTPS to enable the sign-in widget to load properly. For local development, consider using tools like ngrok to create a secure tunnel.

Step 3: Handle Authentication Callback

Implement a callback function to process authentication responses. Add this script to your page:

constructor() {
 window.otpless = (otplessUser) => {

🏁 Checkpoint

To ensure a smooth integration process:

  1. Deploy your app/website with the included OTPLESS SDK.
  2. Conduct tests to verify the sign-in flow functions correctly.
  3. Ensure that after a successful sign-in, the user is redirected back to your app/website and their information is correctly logged in the console.

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